About Carol Walden

I don’t sell information and art. I sell dreams. ~ Founder Carol Walden

Welcome to WaldenArtsPublishing.com

You must have an interest in personal development, art business, and art or you would not be reading this.

I am an Australian artist/writer living in the land of Oz. I come from a nomadic family of French artists, musicians and circus performers. Art and the nomadic life is in my genes!

I have been creating art and painting commissions for about 40 years. My art lives in collections in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Netherlands and it may have traveled to other countries with their collectors. I decided it is high time I invested in the US and Canada; then on to the rest of the world.

Over the years many people have wanted to buy my art but sometimes they can't afford to buy an original piece. I am now using the latest technology to have my originals photographed and printed so that many more people can own and gift a piece of my art.

If you have any requests or suggestions, I am open to accommodating them. However, this is no guarantee I will provide what you ask for, but there is no harm in asking :)

If you want to commission a piece of art, that is different, and this traditional transaction has a specific process. If you wish to engage this artist, please email me directly at carol@waldenartspublishing.com

My art business is growing every day so remember to bookmark this shop and sign up to the newsletter to stay in the loop. I won't hound you with loads of emails...just sporadic mailings when I know I have more amazing things to offer you.

So...enjoy life & WaldenArts, and stay happy!