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Artist Copyright Journal - Art Journal Printables PDF

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The Original 
Artist © Copyright Journal 

Protect Your Precious Artwork and Inventions

© Copyright is a big deal for artists and other creatives,
whether you realise it or not.

When artists tell me they have done nothing to protect their copyright of precious artworks, I am always shocked but never surprised.

Whether you are a serious artworker or not, you should be doing a few simple things to protect your work. All creatives should! It is easy and it pays off.

Don't wait until someone has used your work as their own. Once that happens, you may find yourself having to prove the work is yours and not theirs. That may be near-on impossible if you haven't taken the steps you will learn about in this journal.

The Art Journal uses some simple devices that just might save your hard work :)

  • Learn what copyright means and how it applies to you
  • Every creative page is stamped with a copyright statement for you to fill in

The Art Journal  contains:

  • Copyright laws and why all creatives should be protecting their work
  • Alternating pages - blank and dot grid
  • Palette pages

How does this journal help you?

  • You can document your artistic process to help you prove your authorship and copyright (should it ever become necessary)
  • Blank pages for you to draw freehand
  • Dot grid pages help you draw to scale and use perspective. Easily transfer your sketches from dot grid to canvas, large paper etc.
  • Palette pages to record the colours you used


  1. Bibliography page - record the books/websites you want to remember
  2. References & Influences page - record which artists influenced your work
  3. Catalog of Artworks - keep a record of all those artworks sold (and the ones under your bed!)
  4. Collector Register - record the details of every purchaser of your artwork! This pays off big time when it comes to marketing your work.
  5. Commissions page - take your Art Journal with you to record exactly what your customer wants.

All this together in one journal.
Become the professional artist you crave to be NOW.

The Bonus Pages will only be included in the Artist © Copyright Journal during the launch period (for a short time).

After that, they will be removed from this journal and sold separately, so jump in and get yours while you still can!

Available in either US Letter OR A4 size.


I wish you all the best on your creative journey,

Warm regards,

Go Forward with Confidence in Yourself and Your Creative Business

Published by WaldenArts Publishing
Queensland, Australia

Copyright © Carol Walden 2022. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction and distribution of this booklet without the written permission of the author is prohibited. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.